Established in 1972 and incorporating the latest innovations in electrode manufacturing technology, IONODE PTY LTD serves global customers from its manufacturing facility located in Tennyson, Australia. IONODE is a specialist manufacturer of pH, ORP and Ion Selective Electrodes for industrial, field and laboratory applications & suitable for nearly all brands of pH meters & titrators. An industry leader in technical innovation, IONODE has developed many manufacturing advances including unique automated glass blowing processes and reference element fabrication. IONODE’s strength is an automated glassblowing process which makes a variety of different pH membrane shapes including more complex styles such as spear and bullet membranes. The process uses a uniform mass of pH glass to ensure a consistent, reliable result from all IONODE products.

Few special features of IONODE Electrodes, which make it unequalled, are

  • Electrode body is made up of injection moulding Polypropylene or Kynar or PVDF instead of glass which allows it to be robust, waterproof and submersible, chemical and mechanical resistant & provide glass far more strength and durability.
  • Our special Intermediate Junction electrodes have very important basic features like sample does not come into direct contact with the reference and thus extends electrode life considerably. Also user can easily remove reference sleeve for cleaning and use different sleeve electrolyte to ensure maximum adaptability.
  • It has toughened glass sensors with 4 different designs i.e. Spear, Bullet, Bulb and Flat, which make them efficient for use in water, food, wine, dairy, contaminated samples, industrial and mining applications and the harshest of laboratory environments.

We represent various renowned laboratory instrument brand.
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