Benchtop Laboratory Touch Screen Multifunction Meter CX – 705


CX-705 measures pH, redox potential (mV), conductivity, salinity, resistivity, concentration of oxygen dissolved in water in % of saturation or in mg/l, atmospheric pressure & temperature and enables semi-automatic titration.

  • The measurements made in all measuring functions are of very high accuracy and stability.
  • Unification of the procedures in all measuring functions makes working easier.
  • “HOLD” function to freeze the result on the display.
  • Signalisation of the result stabilisation “READY” with symbol and sound.
    Possibility of sending to a PC a report of calibration – up to 10 last calibrations.
In the pH measuring function:

  • Calibration of the pH electrode: 1 to 5 points.
  • Automatic detection of the buffers’ value entered by the user.
  • Automatic correction of the standard solution value (NIST) along with the temperature changes.
  • Possibility to store characteristics of 3 electrodes makes changing them easily.
  • Automatic evaluation of the electrode’s condition.
  • Depending on the chosen electrode possible measurements in pure water, sewage, pastes, etc.
In the redox (mV) measuring function:

  • Precise redox potential measurement (accuracy 0.1mV).
  • Possibility to measure redox potential relatively to the entered or measured reference potential – Vref.
  • Possibility of automatic calculation of the redox reading in relation to the chloride/silver electrode to the hydrogen electrode.
  • Depending on type of the chosen electrode making measurement in pure water, sewage, pastes, etc. Enables readout of the pH electrode parameters – buffer & slope The measuring circuits of pH & Ion connectors are isolated enabling accurate & error free simultaneous measurement s in the same vessel
In the conductivity measuring function:

  • Wide measuring range enables measurements in ultra pure water, natural water as well as in very salty solutions.
  • Newly introduced function is the resistivity measurement of the tested liquid.
  • Salinity measurement in NaCl or KCl on the basis of the actual real characteristics.
  • Defining the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) based on conductivity measurement.
  • 6 sub-ranges switched automatically.
  • In case of measurements of natural water with conductivity from 60 μS/cm to 1 mS/cm the meter enables using non-linear temperature compensation. The parameters of this type of water is determined in norm EN27888:1999 and concerns surface waters, deep water and well water. This solution lowers the measurement error.
  • The measurement accuracy of the ultra pure water with temperature compensation was increased by automatic adjustment of the α coefficient depending on the temperature and kind of trace contaminations.
  • Calibration by entering the constant K of the cell or in standard solutions in 1 to 5 points. Wide range of α coefficient 0 to 10 % / °C chosen depending on the measured solution.
  • Possibility of changing the reference temperature.
  • In set with high accuracy conductivity cell ECF-1. Measuring range 0÷500 mS/cm sufficient for measurements in ultra pure water and high salt concentration samples. Metal electrodes are easy to clean and PVC body protects it against mechanical damage.
  • Possibility of storing constant K of 3 conductivity cells.
  • Automatic conversion of conductivity into salinity in NaCl or KCl on the basis of the actual characteristics and not a constant coefficient, what greatly increases accuracy.
In the oxygen measurement function:

  • Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor.
  • Each of the models equipped with a function of automatic atmospheric pressure measurement with calculation of its influence on the oxygen measurement readout in mg/l.
  • The meter with dissolved oxygen sensor are easy to operate.
  • Calibration of the oxygen sensor in 1 or 2 points.
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
  • Possibility of introducing the salinity value with automatic calculation of its influence on the result of oxygen measurement.
  • The meter automatically counts the influence of salinity measured in the conductivity mode on the oxygen measurement result.
Other features:

  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
  • Internal clock with date.
  • Internal data-logger enables storing up to 4000 measurements taken as single or in series with time, temperature and date.
  • The results and calibration data are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Remembers the next calibration date.
  • USB output for connecting with PC.
  • The meter meets the GLP requirements.

Technical Data

Function pH mV Conductivity/Salinity 02(mg/I) 02(%) Temperature
Range -2.000 ÷ 16.000pH ±2000.0mV 0 ÷ 2000.mS/cm(autorange)/0 ÷ 239 g/l KCL
0 ÷ 296 g/l Nacl
0 ÷ 60 mg 0 ÷ 600%, in air:
0 ÷ 100%
-50.00 ÷ 200.00 °C
-58.00 ÷ 392.00 °F
223.15 ÷ 473.15 °K
Accuracy (± 1 digit) ±0.000pH ±0.1 mV <19.99 mS/cm
>20 mS/cm:
Salinity 2%
±0.01 mg/l** ±0.1** ±0.1 °C**
±0.1 °F**
±0.1 °K**
Temp compensation -5 ÷ 110°C -5 ÷ 70°C -5 ÷ 40°C -5 ÷ 40°C
Input impedance >1012 1012
a coefficient 0.00 ÷ 10.00 %/°C
K constant 0.010 ÷ 20.000cm-1
Resistivity Range: 0.500Ωcm ÷ 200 MΩcm, accuracy: ±2% of the measured value
Air pressure range 800 ÷ 1100 hPa, accuracy ±2 hPa
Power 15V/1A power adapter or external rechareable battery (optional)
Weight 1400 g
Dimensions(mm) L = 322,5, W = 232,5, H = 34/30

* The accuracy of the meter only

**The accuracy of the meter only with COG-1 or COG-2 oxygen the accuracy at calibration tempereture ±1%.By the difference ±15 °C. accuracy ±3%,by the different ±10 °C accuracy ±5%.

***The accuracy of the meter only.The total error include them meters and probe’s accuracy in the range 0 ÷ 100 °C the acceptance error of the probe with Pt-1000S register . ±0.27 °C.

lon selective measurements

Function lon(M/I) lon(g/I) lon(ppm) lon(pX)
Range 0 ÷ 100 0 ÷ 1000 0 ÷ 1 000 000 -2.00 ÷ 16.00
Accuracy (± 1 digit) ±0.25% ±0.25% ±0.25% ±0.002pX
Temp. compensations -5 ÷ 110 °C -5 ÷ 110 °C -5 ÷ 110 °C -5 ÷ 110 °C
Resolution 0.01/0.1% 0.01/0.1% 0.01/0.1% 0.001/0.01pX

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