Benchtop Laboratory Touch Screen Ion Meter CPI 601


  • Measures accurately: pH, Redox (mV), Ion concentration and Temperature (°C)
  • The results are displayed on a 7” graphical colour touch screen.
  • The meter enables simultaneous measurement & displaying of ion selective reading for chosen ION, pH (or mV) & temperature reading.
  • “HOLD” function to freeze result on display.
  • All measuring functions are characterized by high accuracy & stability.
  • Programming of the parameters is very easy.
  • Unification of operating procedures for all functions makes working easier.
  • Possibility of sending to a PC a report of calibration upto last calibrations
  • Separate isolated connectors for pH and Ion Selective Electrode enable their simultaneous connecting and measurements in one vessel.
Ion Measurement:

  • Enables ion concentration measurements of monovalent, bivalent, negative and positive ions
  • The range of the meter enables co-operation with all available ion selective electrodes (ISE), chosen adequately to the kind of measured ion, equipped with BNC 50 connector.
  • Molar weight of a particular measured ion is automatically introduced
  • Possibility to choose the unit among pX, g/l, M/I, ppm.
  • Automatic unit conversion (e.g. mol/l to mg/l).
  • Possibility of entering freely chosen values of ion standard solutions.
  • Possibility to switch the reading of Ion selective measurement to mV
pH measurement:

  • Calibration of the pH electrode: 1 to 5 points.
  • Automatic pH buffer detection, their value may be set by the user.
  • In case of standard solutions (NIST norm) automatic introduction of temperature correction of the value of those standards making calibration much easier Storing of 3 ph electrodes characteristics enables to replace them quickly.
  • Automatic control of the pH electrode’s condition and slope readout.
  • Depending on type of the chosen electrode making measurement in pure water, sewage, pastes, etc.
  • Enables readout of the pH electrode parameters – buffer & slope
  • The measuring circuits of pH & Ion connectors are isolated enabling accurate & error free simultaneous measurement s in the same vessel
Redox potential measurement:

  • Precise redox potential measurement (accuracy 0.1 mV)
  • Possibility of mV measurement with use of pH & ION connector
  • Possibility of the mV measurement relatively to the entered or measured reference (Vref) value.
Temperature measurement:

  • Choice of the unit: – 0C, 0F, K.
  • Introducing the number of the group of selected temperature sensor what increases the accuracy
Other features:

  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Internal data-logger for up to 2000 sets of actually chosen functions
  • Storing of measurements results with time and date, taken as single or in series with set time interval
  • The results and calibration data are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Possibility of screen brightness control depending on the external conditions
  • Collecting series of readouts with intervals set by the user.
  • Storing of the set date of next calibration .
  • USB output to connect with a PCThe meter meets the GLP requirements.
  • Internal clock with date.

Technical data

Function pH mV Temperature
Range -2.000 ÷ 16.000 ±1999.9 mV 0 ÷ 100
Accuracy (± 1 digit) ±0.000pH ±0.1 mV ±0.01°C*
Temp compensation -5 ÷ 110°C
Input impedance 1012 1012
Power 9V/500mA power adapter
Dimensions(mm) L = 180,5, W = 1233,5, H = 55,8 in the highest place

*Accuracy of the meter. Total accuracy is a sum of the meter and probe aauracy.

lon selective measurements

Function Ion(M/I) Ion(g/I) Ion(ppm) Ion(pX)
Range 0 ÷ 100 0 ÷ 1000 0 ÷ 1 000 000 -2.00 ÷ 16.00
Resolution 0.01/0.1% 0.01/0.1% 0.01/0.1% 0.001/0.01pX
Accuracy (± 1 digit) ±0.25% ±0.25% ±0.25% ±0.002pX

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